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How training your dog gives a happy dog at home – happy dog happy life.

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There’s a good reason why dogs are a man’s best friend – they are social animals and often look to their owner for guidance on what to do and what not to do. There owner is the pack leader for them. However, dogs can’t follow our rules if we don’t teach them in a way that they understand. Dog owners must make sure that they provide their dog with proper training and socialization from a very young age.

Research has shown that you can eliminate any behavior problems your dog might have in the future by spending time on puppy training and socializing them while they are still young. Just like babies, puppies start to learn from the moment they are born.

So, if you just got your first pup, don’t wait for it to grow up before you start training. Puppy training, especially in Alert Pets Dog Training classes, is recommended by many veterinarians and canine behavior experts because it provides your puppy with opportunities to develop social skills and interact with other puppies and people from a young age.

You don’t have to start when with your puppy if there are other constraints, you can train your grown dog too -but some training is easier with a puppy

Dogs are naturally eager to learn things and thrive when stimulated mentally, so puppy behavior training is now considered as one of the basic needs for dogs, along with food, water, and medical care.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of both basic and advanced dog training.

Benefits of Dog Obedience Training

1. You’ll develop a strong bond

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Establishing a strong bond with your dog is what having a dog is all about, and training is the perfect activity to do that. By putting all that time and effort together with your dog, you will strengthen your bond and build trust.

When you’re training your dog, you’re giving them your undivided attention and you work together for a common goal. For a dog, this is the most they could ask for!

The more time you spend like this, the better you will understand your dog’s needs and body language. At the same time, your dog will also be able to understand you better and know that you are a reliable and fair leader.

2. Your dog will learn to be social

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Social skills and a dog might not seem to fit in a sentence together, but in fact, socialization is essential for the psychological health of your dog. Alert Pets Dog Training classes are the perfect way to positively expose your dog to various different people, dogs, and environments.

This will ensure that your dog gets used to other people and dogs, which is crucial in its development and in your overall life together. Later on, when you’re taking your dog for a walk, you will be glad to know that your dog can have a safe and healthy interaction with other dogs and people you might meet.

In addition, by developing your dog’s social skills, they will be able to politely greet your guests, won’t bark at a passerby, and won’t panic when seeing other animals on the street.

3. Your dog will be much safer

A properly trained dog is much safer, not just for you and your family, but also for itself.  A trained dog is unlikely to get hit by a car, get into a fight with another dog, or run away.

 When you properly train your dog, they will trust you enough to always wait for your command first, so make sure to spend enough time on the basic commands, such as “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, and “Stop”.

4. You’ll have better control over your dog

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Even in the case of your dog acting on impulses, you should still be able to command them to stop immediately. This can make all the difference in a dangerous situation, such as the ones we mentioned above.

Let’s say your dog tries to chase a possum across the street, but cars are approaching. If you spent enough time on dog training, your dog should stop instantly when you give the command. Even though “Stop” is a basic command, it can really go a long way if you have developed a proper communication with your dog.

Strong communication ensures that you have control over your dog’s actions and that you can guide them through difficult situations in their everyday life. As a result, your dog’s life will be much happier since you can take them with you in public parks, events, on a hike, etc. In addition, your dog will be able to establish boundaries and know its role in the family.

5. Your dog will get important stimulation

Obedience training helps your dog get mental stimulation on a daily level, which will enrich your dog’s life and give them a purpose. In addition, having a constant level of mental stimulation will help your dog deal with boredom, which is likely to cause behavioral problems such as barking and excessive chewing.

Using his mind to solve a problem or get a treat gives satisfaction to your dog, and they feel like they’ve done a good job. This will ultimately increase their confidence, obedience, and happiness.

6. It’s fun!

Training with your dog is a great way to spend some quality time together and have some fun. It really is. It’s a joint experience for both of you. There may even be an element of owner training by the dog! Even if you have already trained your dog and they know many commands, there are always new things to try, techniques to use, and toys to play with.


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Having a dog is an awesome experience. They are amazing animals to have around you and give way more back than they get in terms of affection and attention. You want to get the most out of your dog and give them the best, so no matter if you have a small pup or an older dog, training is always a good idea. You can try basic dog  training and then when ready, advanced dog training classes.

Alert Pets in Ormeau is a good place to start. But  whatever training you choose, the benefits of dog training are countless: you will have a well-mannered dog that you can take anywhere without worrying, and your dog will have things to do, be happy, receive attention, and meet other dogs. That’s the life!

Happy Dog Happy Life

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