Biothane Dog Leads And Julius K9 Dog Harnesses

Few things in life are more rewarding than a nice long walk with your dog. However, taking your dog on a walk is not always the best experience, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment. Having a quality dog lead or dog harness can help you avoid both personal injuries and injuries to your dog. In addition, you’ll feel much more comfortable during the walk and can spend time on more important things, like bonding with your dog.

To help you out, we’ve looked through all sorts of leads and harnesses and picked the best out of the best.

Biothane Leads

Biothane Dog Leads

Before talking about the product itself, let’s explain what Biothane is exactly. Basically, Biothane is a branded material made by the Biothane Coated Webbing Corporation. They describe this material as “polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating”.

What makes this material great for a dog lead is its extreme durability in almost any setting – hiking, long walks by the beach, running, you name it.

In addition, Biothane leads are fully waterproof and will remain odor-free, even if you leave them out in the rain for a long time. This makes for a very practical dog lead that can be cleaned easily, which comes in extra handy when going on a hike with your dog where the leash is bound to get dirty from all the mud.

Biothane leads don’t usually come in aesthetic designs or patterns, but their durability and functionality still make them the best heavy duty dog lead out there.

Now that you know what to look for in a dog lead, it’s time to take a look through some dog harnesses.

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness

Julius K9 got its start making dog harnesses for the military, police, and rescue services, making them an authority in the dog harness market.

Check out this video here.

The IDC Powerharness is their most popular dog harness, and for a good reason. It is optimized to maximize the power directed at the dog, meaning that you can stop your dog with much less effort than with a regular harness. This is made possible by the chest strap that is parallel to the lead in your hand, allowing maximum comfort for your dog all while distributing the power equally over the chest.

The harness is attached with two straps, one adjustable neck strap and another nylon strap going below your dog’s ribcage, making it fairly easy to slip your dog into it.

Another great addition to this already amazing harness is the webbed nylon handle on top that you can use to hold off your dog while not on a lead. The handle can also be closed with a rubber strap, preventing your dog from getting caught up in low branches or other obstacles.

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To make things even better, the Julius K9 harness also functions as a high visibility vest thanks to its reflective materials on the chest strap and all around the edges. This adds to the overall safety of your dog as it can be seen from long distances and in the night as well.

Even though the harness is slightly more expensive than other harnesses on the market, it’s still worth it, possibly even more than its price. Taking into account that you can choose from 30 different colors and designs, 8 different sizes, and the option of having a custom text written on the side label, the cost doesn’t seem that much for the best harness available on the market.


  • Oeko-Tex lining that protects your dog’s skin
  • Can be easily spotted at night
  • High-quality and tested materials
  • Closable handle that allows for more control
  • Easy to put on your dog

Julius K9 IDC Belt Harness

Another great dog harness is the Julius K9; the IDC Belt Harness was specifically designed to be easy fitting and comfortable for your dog when worn for longer periods.

Check them out in a video here.

This adjustable dog harness was created in 2015 for the new “Color & Gray” Collection by Julius K9, and features all the great qualities from its other harness, but has some improved details that add to the overall comfort of your dog.

To be more specific, the edges of the straps are thicker and rounded, allowing for free movement for your dog and zero chaffing under the armpits. It comes in 6 different sizes, but it’s most suited for larger and more muscular breeds, making it the ideal dog harness for German Shepherds.

In addition, the IDC Belt Harness also has a handle at the top of the harness that allows for more direct control over your dog, which can come extra handy when navigating through urban and busier areas.

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Unlike the other Julius K9 Harness we reviewed above, this one only comes in 6 different colors, including a red dog harness. However, that’s only a small price to pay considering all the other amazing features this harness has to offer.

As for the price, the best price you can buy the harness for is through Alert Pets. Cost varies according to size and color. One thing is for sure, they are definitely worth having since you’re getting one of the best harnesses from a trusted and reputable brand.


  • Durable design built for every occasion
  • Can be used in more demanding environments
  • Breathable materials perfect for warmer days
  • Adjustable straps allow for easy fitting


  • More expensive than other harnesses


Investing in a high-quality lead and harness will greatly improve how you go on walks with your dog. You can say goodbye to arm pain from sudden pulls and dirty leads that take hours to clean, all while providing more comfort to your dog with materials that are easy for their skin and designs built for control and comfort.

We hope that you find this review helpful and wish you and your dog long and happy walks!

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