Dog Training

Every dog needs training or else it is just a wolf. For all your basic dog training needs and dog obedience classes come and see Trinny.

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Dog training St Ives

Nosework Training For Dogs

Nosework training is a very specialised area of training for dogs and Trinny is the Australian expert in Dog Nosework Training. With many years of experience (find out more here) Trinny can teach your dog nosework in a relaxed and

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Best Dog Accessories Parramatta

Dog Accessories

Everything you need for K9 nose work and scentwork dog training can be found right here, from dog leads and dog collars to scent kits.

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What are the benefits of training your dog?

Why bother training a dog? A dog is a pack animal and needs to know where it is in the tribe. Obedience training helps with this as well as giving it time with you, which it loves, exercise, which it needs, mental stimulation and finally a role in the family it lives with. Training a dog benefits everyone and most of all the dog. Call Trinny now on 0431 944 877 to start training yours!

Is it ever too late to start training a dog?

Puppies are like teenagers and have short attention spans. In the case of puppies simple training will help to lengthen their ability to stay focused. Obedience commands they can learn include, sit, down, stay. You can begin to teach these commands from 7-8 weeks old. In the past the standard was to delay dog training until the dog was 6 months old. This is now regarded as too late however you can train a dog no matter how old it is if you have the right skills. And Trinny does!

Is this where I find K9 dog training?

It sure is. Trinny is the best K9 dog trainer around. She has all the equipment you need and all the knowledge to go with it. She is super experienced with dogs, check out her work history here.

Can Trinny give me a dog training basic obedience lesson plan?

Trinny will teach you all the resources you need to be able to train your dog. She will have complete lesson plans for dogs and owners. You may or may not know, but half the training of a dog is training their owner! So you need to be trained too. Trinny will help with all of that.

Can my dog be trained to help me find my keys?

Sure, Trinny will teach your dog techniques to help you find your lost keys or phone. You won’t have that problem again of rushing around trying to find them as you go out the door. From now on you can get your dog to locate them and get you out of trouble!

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